Adoption Law

This is the one area of law which gives the attorneys at WE CARE LEGAL the most professional satisfaction.
Most people aren't aware of how easy it can be facilitate many step-parent or grandparent adoptions. Our experienced staff can supportive staff can guide you through the adoption process, with a specific sensitivity to the questions of the children involved. Some adoptions can be completed in two to three months.
We work with open adoptions where the natural and adoptive parents can work together for the benefit of the child to give the child the best possible life. Whether the adopted child is fresh out of hospital, a toddler, or in school, our attorney's work with established community resources toward the goal of a change in parenting with minimal stress and maximum support for all parties involved.
In those situations where a natural parent has abused or neglected their child, our attorneys are experienced in termination pf parental rights actions, paving the way for new parenting to give the adopted child a new and promising beginning.
Feel free to schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation to explore the possibility of adoption in your life.

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