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LEGAL CARE THAT COUNTS There’s a reason why We Care Legal Services 1-855 LAW FAMILY is constantly receiving praise and new referrals from their clients, even years after their cases have closed out. Dr. Jan Grossman, a veteran of almost 30 of family law practice, knows the reason and is proud of the reputation We Care Legal Services has built up across the county. Jan’s wife Mary Ann, a teacher turned attorney, joined the law firm in 2001. “With the name, we wanted to give everyone the understanding that our firm is based on a genuine caring for people,” Jan said. “We treat our clients with respect and compassion.” “Our name purposely sets us apart form other firms,” says Mary Ann, “We want people to expect a caring approach from the first phone call until their case is completed.” Their very personal, family-like approach to practicing law comes from Jan’s background as a psychologist and Mary Ann’s background in education, along with the  shared belief that treating clients like family is the best approach to helping folks go through complicated emotional legal situations like divorce, adoptions, child custody, and criminal cases.



Our Bucks County law firm has offices in both Levittown and Doylestown. In addition to these convenient locations, We Care Legal Services and our six attorneys have flexible hours to meet the schedules of their client, including evening and weekend hours. We can even make house calls.



We don’t believe in making clients wait to speak with a lawyer If you dial 1-855-Law-Family in the day or evening they will be able to get in touch with a lawyer immediately. We believe that people under legal stress should have instant access to their attorneys. Clients have their calls returned within the day or within the same hour if their attorney isn’t busy in court. Unlike other firms, Our clients never have to wait days for a return call or email.



While providing quality legal services to clients, We Care Legal Services works with a sliding fee scale. Jan and Mary Ann realized from the start that not everyone in Bucks County can afford today’s high legal hourly rates. We take the time to evaluate each client’s ability to pay during a free consultation and to our best to set up a fee structure that our clients can live with. Jan and Mary Ann strongly believe that legal fees, as much as possible, should not add stress to the lives of their clients, who are already burdened by the family problems they are experiencing  Right now, WE CARE LEGAL SERVICES has many clients on payment plans. We are able to give clients that courtesy because we have established trusting relationships with them from the first contact.



We Care Legal Services family atmosphere, clients have the option of being comforted by trained therapy dogs, at consultations and meetings. These “Pawyers” were originally shelter rescues adopted by Jan and Mary Ann.  “Scruffy” and “Sugar” each have different “pawsonalities” that can help clients feel at ease during stressful discussion about legal problems.



We Care Legal Services is proud of and thankful for the unsolicited letters of support from past clients who have been satisfied, not only with the outcome of the cases, but how they were treated by our staff during their representation:

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for all you have done to keep my baby safe! It has been a whole year since we went to court, and I have you all to thank for that,” one client wrote in a letter to the firm.

“I had a lot of help from Mary Ann and then Jackie spoke on my behalf in court. They could not have been any more amazing. I literally have nothing but amazing things to say about both of them… They got me my son back where he belongs. They both went above and beyond what they had to do and they even worked with me on the payment because I do not have an income right now. I would recommend them to anyone for anything!”

“One of the best decisions I made was to have Jan as my attorney. He was responsive, passionate, caring, and willing to fight for others”

“I am so unbelievably grateful for finding this office. The first time I messaged Jan, speaking with him thoroughly the next day, I felt a sense of relief, that someone was able to just listen and offer advice. Today I had the pleasure of working with Jackie, a member of his staff. Jackie was beyond amazing! I couldn’t have dreamed my day would turn out to be ok after the last hearing. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs help with support.”

1-855-Law-Family | 3907 Newportville Road., Levittown, PA 19056 & 182 N. Broad St., Doylestown, PA 18901 | ‘Like’ We A Care Legal Service on Facebook

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