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Grandparents Custody Rights

Grandparents’ Custody Rights

Grandparents rights are an important part of our legal practice. In Pennsylvania, grandparents have special status in child custody law. Any grandparent has the right to seek custodial time with a grandchild. In certain circumstances, grandparents have the right to seek primary physical custody, enabling their grandchildren to live with them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grandparents’ Rights

Q: As a grandparent, do I have an automatic right to custodial time with my grandchildren?

A: No. You have to demonstrate to a judge that it is in your grandchildren’s best interest that they visit with you. The Courts tend to be understanding in this area and many grandparents are granted appropriate custodial rights.

Q. My child has died and I have been cut off from my grandchildren. Do I have custodial rights?

A. Yes. Courts are sensitive to situations like these. The legal system is there to protect the grandparent relationship when a parent has died.

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