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WE CARE LEGAL SERVICES, BUCKS COUNTY, 1-855-LAW-FAMILY, 24/7, Always a free consultation at our Levittown and Doylestown Offices. Custody, Divorce, Support, Grandparent and Step-Parent rights, Adoption, Protection from Abuse, Bankruptcy, Wills, Criminal Law.

Observe the video. Watch the little girl break down in tears. This happens every day in Bucks County when separated mothers use their precious children and the custody situation to get back at a father for historic problems in their past adult relationship.

This little girl doesn’t know, care or understand about infidelity, family insults, money problems, child support, Facebook insults. All she knows is that the two must loving and powerful figures in her life are fighting in a public place with her little body directly in the middle.

The mother’s rage is so palpable, that she doesn’t even stop the fighting when her daughter begins to cry. The alienating mother may not know know or care how she are emotionally scarring her child. Ultimately, this mother will force this immature little being to choose between parents. Not an adult choice…but a needy, dependent choice, inevitably the mother with whom the child spends the most time. Once the child makes the terrible parental choice, encouraged by the bitter dysfunctional mother, custody transitions will literally turn into tug-of-wars, with child as a rag doll, irrationally fearful of the father who only want to take the child home and show her love.

At WE CARE LEGAL SERVICES, 1-855-LAW-FAMILY, our mission is to educate our custody clients how to protect their children from the emotional damage of custody litigation, while being strong advocates for our client’s custody position. Part of our duty to our clients is to prepare them for the emotional pitfalls they and their children will face and how to avoid their kids being collateral damage. If the other parent is attempting to use the child as a weapon, we are experienced in setting up legal and social strategies for minimizing harm to the child.

Jan Grossman, Ph.D. Attorney at Law, Licensed PsychologistNicole Levitt, M.S. Attorney at Law, Licensed Professional Counselor

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