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Abuse Matters

Victims of abuse need understanding, caring and experienced Attorneys that can provide a safe environment while using the Pennsylvania Abuse Laws to put shattered lives back together.

Abuse affects the whole family whether that abuse is between couples, spouses, lovers or even other family members.

Victims of abuse have been seeking help from We Care Legal for 20 years.  We understand the emotional impact as well as the financial and legal stress that overwhelms the victims.

Do not struggle with this alone.  Call our offices right now, we have emergency help available.


1-855-LAW CRIMINAL (1-855-529-7464)

1-855-LAW FAMILY (1-855-529 – 3264)

1-855-DEBT DONE (1-855-332-8366)

Free consultations – Walk-in’s are welcomed – Evening and weekend appointments are available

Call today and start your road piece of mind that you deserve.

We will advise you of your options and use the Pennsylvania Abuse Laws to arrange a Protection from Abuse Order.  This order can protect you from verbal, physical, stalking and threats of abuse.

Victims often blame themselves and put off seeking help, fearing the ramifications of this action.  We know what your life is like when you’re a victim of abuse.  Let our Attorney’s help you.  Call now or visit one of our offices today.

Sadly, abusers rarely stop this type of behavior without legal interference.  Stop the abuse today.

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